Hey Everyone!

I’m Kacie Morin, a middle years education student at the University of Regina. I am currently in the third year of my degree and going through my pre-internship. After the completion of my education degree, I am also working on a second bachelor degree in Sociology.

I was born and raised here in Regina, Saskatchewan. I went to elementary school at St. Josaphat and high school at Michael A. Riffel. Right out of high school I pursued my dream of being a teacher and enrolled at the University of Regina in the middle year’s program.

A part of me has always known that I wanted to be a teacher. Besides my absolute love for children, I have always loved the classroom environment and had a passion for education. I believe that all children have so much potential and I hope to have a positive impact on all of my students. Although I have lots of beliefs about teaching, the summary of my teaching philosophy is that ALL STUDENTS CAN. Each of our students can learn, they can succeed, they can be anything that they put their minds to. But some students may need our help as their teacher in order to find that “I can” within them.

Stick around for more videos, lesson plans, teaching philosophies, books and more…