Week 7

It was the last week of the first part of out pre-internship at W school. This week for my lesson I talked to the students about our identities and more specifically the importance of our names to our identity. We then took our names and created them into bugs (see below). The lesson went awesome and the students really enjoyed being creative. I also provided students with a self-evaluation so they knew what was expected of them and what they had to design in order to succeed.

Since it was also our class day I spent a lot of my time strengthing relationships with my students and saying goodbye. I had made little “I will miss you” signs and put them on suckers and gave them to the students. They loved the little present and found it hilarious that I had snap chat and used my bitmoji on the signs. When saying goodbye we were surrounded by love and hugs from each of our students. I can’t wait to go back in March and continue my journey.


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