New Teacher Book Reflection

Creating Classrooms for Equity and Social Justice, Curriculum is everything that happens and Teaching Controversial Content

3 main topics:

  • One main message we talked about during our discussion is that in order to have a classroom for equity and social justice we must teach students that they can “talk back” to the world. I absolutely loved this concept in the reading because I think it really showed that we need to be able to talk to our students about these controversial topics. But we also need to teach them how to respond to these topics. This then moves into the next step of actually making a change and how we can make physical changes in order to make our world a better place.
  • The second theme we talked about during our discussion is social factors that affect our students. In the idea of this theme, we talked about how our students can be affected by social factors from family, friends, social media, community, etc. One aspect of social factors we talked a lot about was how sexism has been talked about in social media so much lately. We made the point that sometimes we need to talk to our students about what is going on in the world because with social media we want to make sure that our students are getting the correct information. Another social factor we talked about in our discussion is how racism may be a problem because of our student’s interactions with parents or other adults in their lives. This would also be a good opportunity to bring up racism in our classroom and talk about the history of it, but also the present problems of racism and how we can make a stand against it.
  • Lastly, we discussed topics we are nervous about teaching. We first started talking about teaching different cultures. We talked about how we can teach different cultures and bring up the different cultures in our classroom in a positive way where we can celebrate our differences rather than pointing out how we are different in a negative way. Then Harper brought up how she is nervous to deal with if she thinks a student is getting abused or neglected and how we can deal with that. Lastly, we talked about how we can deal with if a student committed suicide and how we can support our students, their families and also ourselves. I have always been very scared of one of my students committing suicide because I know I would have this thought of “what could I have done?” “Did they give me any hints?” “Did they try to reach out to me and I missed it?” etc.

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