ECS 210 Reading Response 5

I decided to focus on and examine the Health Education Curriculum focusing on Grade 8 level. Both of the frames of literacy, autonomous and ideological, are present in this area of the Saskatchewan curriculum. However, I did find that the ideological model is more present in the health curriculum.

The autonomous model of literacy works off the assumptions that literacy will have effects on other social and cognitive practices. This assumes that literacy will lead to other higher skills. It also makes the basic assumption that literacy is simply a technical and neutral skill. An example of this in the Saskatchewan curriculum is the objective set that education will help serve students regardless of their choices after leaving school. This statement meets the assumptions set by the model that literacy work will lead to higher skills.

The ideological model is more culturally sensitive. It begins with the assumption that literacy is a social practice and is embedded in social principles. By reading about this model I get the understanding that it has the basic principles of one’s own knowledge is socially constructed and affected by external properties. With regards to education and curriculum, external properties effect areas of learning. An example of this model being used in the health education curriculum is the indicator that students must learn the differences that exist in families are protected in Canadian human rights legislation. I believe this is an example of the ideological model because the indicator is based on the Canadian human rights legislation and that is a social principle which is being embedded in Canadian education curriculum.


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