Writing the Self 1: Touching down at home

I had been awake for 22 hours now, which caused my eyes to grow large puffy bags under them and my body to feel like I had been running a marathon all day and night. I had thrown my hair up in a messy bun and my feet were swollen from the high altitude that I struggled to get back on my shoes in order to walk off the plane. The airplane stunk of a unique odor of toxic chemicals that the engine was burning and salty peanuts, which the well-dressed flight attendants were handing out. We left early from Rome, Italy that morning in order to catch our 6:45 am flight. In order to get back to Regina, we had to fly from Rome to Frankfort, Frankfort to Toronto then Toronto to Regina. After over 14 hours of flying, I was ready to be home in my own bed. I craved the feeling of my warm bed with my favorite pillow and fuzzy purple blanket.

I was seated next to my sleeping little brother who was dreaming and drooling on my shoulder while both of my parents were reading their favorite novels across the aisle from us. I stared out the window plugged into my music, which blared my favorite artist, Ed Sheeran. I spent the duration of the flight fixed on the dark sky and the irregular looking clouds we were flying past. I was deep in thought thinking about everything and anything that came to my mind. After what felt like a lifetime of traveling the pilot came on the intercom and announced loudly of our descent into the Regina area. It was 2:34 am when the wheels finally touched down on Canadian ground

The moment the wheels of the aircraft touched the ground I felt relieved. The large jolt of landing awoke my brother in a panic. A few moments later he realized we were in Regina and a large smile grew on his face. I glanced over at my parents who smiled back at me with a relieved look on their faces. All four of us had a moment of celebration that we survived what felt that a strenuous journey back home. I through my arms in the air and did a small celebration dance in my seat while my parents and brother laughed and mouthed the words “we made it” to each other. I was immediately overcome by a sensation of peace finally being home in Regina. It was a simple blissful moment of relief that made me feel like I was home. Home has never been just one place to me; it is a feeling of happiness with the people I love.


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